The Incarnation and Prayer

What can we learn from the Word Made Flesh? What implications does the Incarnation have for our lives? How do we conform ourselves to the “Incarnate, God man, Jesus? How can we make our prayer “Incarnational”?

Join us on Thursday November 18 at 7:00 p.m. for an Advent Reflection led by
David Seitz, OFS from Tau Ministries. This talk will inspire you to do as Jesus did in His human nature, making the Kingdom of Heaven a reality on Earth.

Mr Seitz has an extensive ministry with speaking engagements, books, podcasts and blogs. Click the image below to learn more.

Rising Stars Academy

On Tuesday Nov 9th, I had the priveledge of attending the dedication of the updated and rennovated kitchen at Rising Stars Academy in Warren. The Knights of Columbus have been active in it’s support of Rising Stars for many years.

Don Campbell was a charter member of our Council. Back in the day, when we were a young struggling Council, Don organized a Casino Bus Trip as a fund raiser. Later, his son-in-law Mark Prentiss joined. Mark and his wife, Don’s daughter, Debbie founded Rising Stars. From that point on, all the proceeds of our Bus Trip are donated to further their good works.

Below, State Deputy Walter Winkle discusses the original grant from the State Council and offers an additional $10,000. Later, Joe Suminski, PGK and District Deputy #124 offers Debbie the proceeds from this falls Casino Bus Trip.

All of Don’s children were present for the dedication.

From Left to Right, Debbie Prentiss, Dan Campbell, Diane Williams, Don Campbell, Mary Ann Rivers and Donna Seales.

For more information on Rising Stars Academy, go to thier website here.

If you’re ever in the area, stop in and shop their awesome bakery.

23855 Lawrence Avenue
Center Line, MI 48015
(586) 806-6455

2021 June Meeting Highlights

Another perfect evening for a meeting. Thanks to Greg for the food afterwards. John Swan, Knight of the Month (February) and Greg Knight of the Month (June.) Also note the newly replaced tabernacle. It’s beautiful again, a fitting place for Our Lord.

Picnic Signup

You may have noticed we didn’t hold our annual Ladies Appreciation Evening during Christmas.  Like so many other events, we got canceled because of COVID. Because Christmas seems so far off, let’s get together with a picnic. It’ll be fun. June 6th starting at 2 pm. We’ll set up behind the church (in our usual spot) We have a tent, a band, hotdogs, hamburgers and even a hospitality suite.

Help us out and please let us know if you are planning on attending – and, if so – how many in your family. The more the merrier. This is a family event so, please bring everyone.

If you don’t have an email or if you have questions, please call me at 586-255-5350. Thanks, Brian.

It will make all the difference…

The story goes as a young boy and his grandfather walking down the beach. A big storm had come in the day before and there were hundreds and hundreds of sand-dollars washed up and starting to die in the sun.

As they walked, the grandfather would stop from time to time, reach down, pick up a sand dollar and throw it into the ocean. Finally, the little boy asked, “Grandfather, why are you throwing them back in?” and his grandfather replied, “So that they will live.”

The little boy thought for a minute and said, “But grandfather, there are so many of them! What possible difference can it make?” And the grandfather, reaching down and tossing another one back into the ocean, said, “To that one, it will make all of the difference in the world.

Isn’t that how life is? We rarely see the ripples of the grace that come from our good works.  We hope, we have faith, we strive but, we don’t really know – do we?  We like to think we’re making a difference in the world, in the parish, in the community but, often it’s not immediately apparent. Tonight I’m happy to share a concrete example of our works saving a baby from the horrors of abortion.  

Our council, with 4 other councils and help from the K of C State Council, purchased an ultrasound machine for Compassion Pregnancy in Clinton Township.  It was very expensive.  We all continue to budget $1,000 per council per year to help with the maintenance and upgrades to that machine.  Our prayer was this machine would be a tool to dissuade parents from choosing abortion once they saw their baby in full 3-D colour.  I’m happy to report this evening that we helped save a life this week.  

Please see the email from Gary Kopp (our District Deputy) to the five Grand Knights of the participating Councils.  So, if anyone asks, please tell them you are a defender of the Holy Innocents and you have saved one life this week.  Meanwhile, the mindless slaughter continues in this country at Planned Parenthood. Every Saturday, it’s estimated 10,000 children are murdered.  Every Saturday, ten thousand children.  For those children (and their parents) keep praying your rosaries. For this one child, thank our generous God for a life to live.  To this one, it’ll make all the difference. 

Keep showing up, keep working Brothers. We are making the difference. 

With all best wishes, I am

Sincerely Yours in Christ

Brian M O’Curran
Financial Secretary
Knights of Columbus #7018
St. Clement of Rome, Romeo, MI

——– Original message ——–

From: Gary Kopp 

Date: 3/1/21 2:22 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: Eddie Sachs, Gary Bates, Mark DiPaola, Mark Kovasity

Cc: Tom Weisner, Cliff Wasmund, Walter Winkle

Subject: Compassion Pregnancy Center 

I just go off the phone with Sue Nellis, Director of Compassion Pregnancy Center.

I feel compelled to share her story:

A young couple came into the center, unsure of their pregnancy.  Using the UltraSound Machine we purchased for the center, the scan was performed.

Utilizing the 3D probe and the resolution of the machine, the scan showed a baby and heartbeat about 7 weeks old. 

The decision to not abort was made on the spot.

Brothers, take pride in the work that you do, and the lives that you save.  This is our Right to Life Program.

Please share this with your membership……

Vivat Jesus,

Gary E. Kopp
DD #124

Lenten Crosses

PGK Joe and his lovely wife Susan Suminski along with Kathy and her lovely husband Paul Wierbicki had a wonderful idea. Let’s build Lenten Crosses for people to display in their front yards for Lent. Brilliant. Joe and Karrie Illner got busy and developed an assembly-line Henry Ford would be proud of. Here’s a picture of proud papa Karrie and his creation – the cross, not the assembly line. It’s like seeing Henry Ford standing by a Model A – right?

These beautiful crosses are for sale. They’re made of the best pine and lovingly stained in English Chestnut. Each stands 48′ tall with a 24″ cross arm. A rebar stake is included. That stake slips over a 1/2 inch PCV pipe mounted on the back of the cross. Included with each cross are two drapes, one white and one purple.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $25 per cross. Crosses will be made available at St Clement for pickup.

Pease Sign Up

Guys, we need some help with a couple events coming right up. The first one is the M.I. Drive – that’s THIS weekend. If you can help, please sign up.

  • MI Drive (Next Weekend) – Signup
  • Tilson Street Signup (Oct 10 – 31) – Signup

The Tilson Street event needs at least 9 people every night.  On the weekend, a few more are needed.  Please consider helping us out.  The Tilson Street event is a chance for us to continue to fund programs in the parish and community.  With dinners and most of our other fund raisers canceled this year, these few nights are a change for us to make up some ground.

2021 Fall Mum Drive – DONE


Each mum comes in a 2 gallon pot. They are from Brohl’s Greenhouses a high quality local grower. This is an “action” shot from earlier in the summer as the mums were just getting started.

These beautiful fall Mums are ready to be planted in your yard or just displayed out on the front porch.  PLEASE NOTE: All mums can be picked up at St Clement Church in Romeo on Saturday September 11th from 10 am till 2 pm.

If you’re going to buy mums anyway, please consider buying them from us. These are the same big-quality mums local retail stores are selling for $14.99. The picture below was taken outside Kroger’s on Aug 15th. Buy early, buy often!

Helping Where Needed

These are certainly uncharted waters. Please be aware, the organizations at St Clement of Rome are here to help. If you are in need of an emergency item please call the parish office and we will try and assist you. The Parish Office is 1-586-752-9611. Alternatively, you can leave us an email by clicking the button below. We will do our best to help.

Stay safe. Stay inside. Keep praying your Rosary.

Uber Meeting in June

Well, I’m not sure how uber it is really. This month we are going to combine our Planning Meeting and our General Membership Meeting into one.  Both meetings will be on June 13th.  The Planning Session will start at 6:30 pm and the regular meeting will kick off at 7 pm in the Knights Room at St Clement.  We have election results turned in my June 15 so, you can sense our dilemma.

I’d like to get in a Rosary before. Maybe the Rosary A-Team can meet in the Day Chapel at 6 pm? I’ll be there.

2020 Catholic Goals for Battle with Dr Taylor Marshall

Even though I put this together last year, it’s just as topical as ever. We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.

Well, how are we doing? We’re a month in. Did you make any goals for yourself? No? Most people don’t. Why? I’m sure there are a variety of reasons. Maybe the most common reason goes something like this, “why bother? After a couple weeks I’m totally off-course.”

Don’t beat yourself up. The first week of February is a fine time to get it together and start over. If you’re looking for diet, relationship, financial or career goals, this isn’t isn’t the right place. However, if you’re a Catholic man of faith and want to up your game this year, you have arrived.

I’ve been binging on Dr. Taylor Marshall for several months. This guy is totally legit. I’d strongly encourage you to get in the flow of his material. He’s putting out a couple very serious podcasts every week. You can follow him on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Podcasts, Facebook, his website or his New Saint Thomas Institute site. Yeah, there’s plenty here. He’ll be in the top five when I finally get around to finishing our Resources page. If you’ve watched, listened and enjoyed to any of the Bishop Robert Barron stuff I’ve been sharing, you’ll definitely be into this. They are on the same intellectual footing.

With that set up, I want to give you a direct link this the YouTube video below. Please watch it. I’ve listened to it several times. It’s very good. I’m going to make reviewing this an every-December event. Most of what follows is summarized from this episode of Dr Marshall’s YouTube channel. What I’m saying is, from this point on, I don’t own the intellectual property of the content that follows, it belongs to Dr Marshall and his respective companies or to the content creators as linked herein.

This is the plan for holiness. This is the plan for us men to become Saints. We’re called to lead in our homes, parish, community, and in our councils; this is how to lead. Follow this plan and be the leader God wants you to become.


  • Pray the rosary every day. No exceptions. Find the 20 minutes and do it. Dr Marshall has several episodes on the Secrets of Fatima and Akita. Our Blessed Holy Mother has made it abundantly clear, we need to pray the Rosary. Every day.
  • Examination of conscience every day, use the PALE GAS. Don’t forget the daughters as outlined as St Thomas Aquinas. Watch the short video below on how to do this.
  • Pray the Angelus three times a day. Click here for more info.
  • Read the Bible every single day. Use this guide – LINK. Using this guide, you’ll read the Bible in one year. It’s not an impossible task to get through it. Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.


  • Go to Mass, but to prepare the night before.  Don’t just show up. Review the readings. I subscribe to the USCB daily readings emails. I also listen every week to Bishop Barron’s Sermon podcast.
  • A weekly examination of conscience before receiving the Blessed Eucharist. Also, get a good missal. Recommended; The Father LaSance Missal – LINK. Follow the same examination of conscience as discussed above.


  • Confession at least once a month
  • Eucharistic adoration, First Friday, St Clement calls them Holy Hour and they’re typically on Monday evening. They’re held once a month so, that fit in just perfectly.


  • A Retreat or pilgrimage. This used to be easy. Every year we took the 8th Grade Catechism kids to Marianhill on Retreat. It always was the weekend before Christmas. The timing was perfect. That retreat no longer is an option. Luckily, there are several options within a couple miles of Romeo. Last year, the Knights started a yearly retreat. That would be a good choice for this upcoming year.

There it is. A plan. An easy to follow plan. A plan for battle. Yes, it’s going to take a little work. Being a Saint always does. As Bishop Barron says, “who’s in heaven? Saints are in heaven. When we get to heaven, we’ll be Saints.” Start now. Take up your rosary and start. There is no more powerful weapon than the rosary. As a Knight, you should have it with you at all times. Take it out of your pocket and use it.

The Church needs men of faith and men of action. In these dark times, stand up and be counted.

And in closing, if you’re looking for gift ideas for me… Dr Marshall has some super sweet swag. I’d look really good drinking coffee out of this V is for Vigano mug. There are also teeshirts.

Mustard Seeds

Hi Friends (yeah, I co-opted that from Bishop Barron.)

Today is Giving Tuesday.  As many of you know, I’m a huge Word On Fire fan.  I think this is some of the finest Catholic content around.  This video is 14 minutes long and is well worth your time to review.  It’s easy to find yourself in these three people.  They’ve all had life-changing experiences using the Word of Fire material.

wof test

It starts out small and builds.  After following along for a year or so, I’m looking forward to Bishop Barron’s weekly podcasts.  He does two each week.  One is a free-ranging show based on what’s going on in the Church or the headlines.  The other podcast is his weekly homily.  I challenge you, listen to the homily podcast and then attend Mass.  It will absolutely change your experience.  If it doesn’t, I’ll happily refund your 60-minute investment.

Homilies podcast – LINK.
Word on Fire Show – LINK

If you’ve not experienced Word on Fire, please check them out.  If you’ve been buying their materials, please continue.  If his ministry has changed your life – consider donating to their good works.  I can say very definitively, this guy has changed my life.  Follow him, listen to what he says.  Support his ministry.

Click the image below and review all the goodness they’ve produced for us this year and make a donation.  May your faith, like a mustard seed, grow into a mighty plant.


Images are from the Word on Fire website and are the property of Word on Fire Ministries.  © Word on Fire 2018. All Rights Reserved

Very Sad News About Danny

We’re brothers in good times and in bad.  This is one of the bad times.  Shannon posted this morning that Mark’s son Danny passed away yesterday.  She asked me to get the word out.

Daniel Esper
Malburg Funeral Home
Saturday, November 10th
Visitation 1-8pm
Service at 7pm

I have the untoward job of sending these kinds of notes. This particular time, I’m saddened beyond words.  This is every parent’s worst case scenario.  Mark has a big heart.  I can barely imagine the pain it’s experienced.   I’m going to call my son right now and tell him I love him.

You’re all men of deep faith.  Please hold Mark, Danny, Shannon and their entire family up in prayer.  Keep them in your prayers going forward.  Prayer matters.

Shannon’s post on Facebook today.


In happier times.


RIP Danny


Please make an effort to show up on Saturday.


Vets Returning Home, thank you!


My Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The 4th Degree Assembly of the Knights of Columbus Assembly #3057 wish to thank all our parishioners that contributed to the household goods drive for the “Vets Returning Home” facility. The Assembly and The Vets Returning Home were touched by your generosity. We thank you for helping us help our veterans that are in need.

Keep our veterans in your prayers!!

God Bless!!

K of C 4th Degree Assembly #3057

Vets Returning Home website – LINK
Vets Returning Home Facebook Page – LINK



What is Online Membership?

Have you heard about online membership?  Do you have questions? This new video will answer those questions.   Please feel free to contact us directly with any further questions.  Watch the video, read the info below, contemplate how you’ll grow as a Catholic man.

Ready?  Go here –> LINK.  Tell them you’d like to be part of Council 7018, St Clement of Rome in Romeo, Michigan (cuz we are the coolest!)


The Supreme Council has conducted numerous listening sessions and surveys with both members and non-members over the last few years. Among the many findings was a strong indication that the Supreme Council should develop a new, online way to recruit potential members and form those men for committed, lifelong membership in the Knights of Columbus.

This new fraternal program seeks to help the Order maintain sustainable long-term membership growth by providing the opportunity for membership throughout the modern man’s life cycle. This streamlined alternative helps acclimate men to the Order. Once a man has joined online, we will then work to incorporate him into a council and get him fully integrated with its activities.


This initiative is an important step for our Order, and presents a tremendous opportunity for membership growth and engagement. The initiative allows for:

A Faster Way to Join – One of the most common objections to joining the Knights of Columbus is “I don’t have time.” Through Online Membership, a join process that can take as many as two months now takes five minutes.

A Digital Experience –This initiative provides a new membership experience that is tailored to younger men and busier men who may not yet be ready for council-based membership. This low-pressure, low-commitment and digital experience meets men where they are, helps to form them as Catholic men, and enables us to bring more men into the fold.

An Amplified Message – The Online Membership initiative is backed by a substantial marketing campaign that will find and work to convert prospective members.

The Online Membership Initiative

  • Does not change requirements for membership. Membership in the Knights of Columbus remains open to practical Catholic men.
  • Does not eliminate degrees. Men who join online are non-degreed members. Once they are ready to convert to a local council, they are required to take the first degree.
  • Does not eliminate councils. The goal of online membership is to form men for committed, lifelong and council- based membership in the Knights of Columbus. In fact, Online Membership creates a pool of recruits for local councils to engage with.
  • Does not eliminate dues. Online Members are required to pay $30 annual dues.
  • Does not create a new class or type of member. Online Members are members of the Knights of Columbus. They are non-degreed members, and they do not belong to local councils, but they are not provisional or partial members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will these members do?

Once they have completed their registration, men who join the Order online will be given access to a web-based Online Membership portal and will begin receiving regular electronic communication from the Supreme Council. While they will receive a number of other benefits, the digital experience will form the core of their Knights of Columbus experience.

Content distributed to the member through the portal and direct communication will revolve around the four themes of: Lead with Faith, Protect Your Family, Serve Others and Defend Your Values.

Through these four themes, these men will not only grow as individuals, but will become acclimated with the good work and rich history of the Knights of Columbus, thereby strengthening their affinity with the Knights of Columbus brand, and setting the stage for lifelong, active membership. They will also receive regular news updates from the Supreme Council, as well as news and event information from their State Council.

Do these members belong to councils?

Online Members do not belong to local councils. Instead, they belong to state divisions. Each jurisdiction will have one state division, which houses all of that jurisdiction’s Online Members

How do these members differ from members of local councils?

Though they have not yet taken the first degree, online members are members of the Knights of Columbus. As members, they are entitled to all of the great benefits listed in the “Membership Benefits” section above. These benefits include: a welcome package, access to the Online Membership portal, a membership card, Columbia, and the ability to participate in our insurance program. They are not a different “class” or “type” of member, but as they are not yet degreed members and not yet members of local councils, they are at the earliest stage of their Knights of Columbus journey.

Can these members join local councils?

Yes. State division members who have joined online can transition to local council membership, just as members from other local councils do today. When a State Division member finds a local council he likes, he may deepen his involvement in the Knights of Columbus by converting his membership from his State Division into that local council to take his degrees. Since these members will not have taken the first degree, that ceremonial will be part of their transition to a local council.

How will councils know about these potential new members?

During the application process, applicants will need to provide the name of the parish they attend. There is a field to indicate if they would like to join a local council, and the opportunity to indicate their preferred council number if they have one. When a member indicates he wants to join a local council, the member becomes viewable in Officers Online by the State Deputy, State Membership Director and Online Membership Coordinator as an unassigned prospect. When the member indicates a specific council he is viewable in Officers Online as an assigned prospect of that council.

How would a council admit a member who joined online into their council?

Transferring online members to local councils can be done through the Officers Online Portal. You can read more about this process by clicking here. Financial Secretary’s can also fill out a form 100 for “transfer” after the First Degree and submit to the Supreme Council. You can transfer the member electronically or by form 100 but not both. After transitioning to a local council, the member would retain his online access to the Knights of Columbus membership experience, but cease paying his membership dues online, and instead begin to pay his local council’s membership dues. The receiving council would receive a dues adjustment for the fraternal year, as well as quota credit for the new member.

How will we know that prospective online members are eligible for membership?

When a prospective member begins the Online Membership application process, the first step is for them to declare that they are: (1) a baptized Catholic male, (2) 18 years of age or older, and (3) a practical Catholic.

Once they check those boxes, and agree to abide by the laws and rules of the Knights of Columbus, they click “Proceed to Join” and proceed to the next page. They cannot continue if any of the boxes have not been checked.

Additionally, before they hit the “proceed to join” button, they are presented with the following message: “Failure to answer truthfully to any of these declarations, or failure to remain a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See, renders void your membership in the Knights of Columbus.”

Prospects are also required to submit parish information during the application process.



Ave Maria Home, Thallacheruvn

Brothers, Father Thumma is scheduled to in Romeo again over the first weekend in July.  This will be his second time visiting our parish.  Father Thumma established and runs the Ave Maria Home in Thallacheruvn, India. He feeds the elderly of this village and every dollar goes directly to buying food.  He also runs a school.

This is how he explained it to me via Facebook Messenger:

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.46.30 AM

There’s a very nice video to shows the facility and the faces of the people Father supports with his ministry.  You can watch it here:

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.54.15 AM

What did you think of the soundtrack?  I thought it was fantastic.  Then again, I’m a big George Harrison fan. He was a master of blending Indian influences into his music.

Some more images I “borrowed” from his Facebook account.

You might be asking yourself, “where is Thallacheruvn?”  Fair question, I asked the very same thing.  So, a little Googling (if that’s even a word) brings us here:

(click on the images and you can navigate around)

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.40.32 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.42.51 AM

You can follow the Good Father on Facebook by going here:

st clement

But wait, there’s more.  In addition to being a Priest, Fr Thumma is also a gifted musician.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.28.11 AM



Formed, The Eurchrist

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.20.40 AM

Good morning.  Have you taken advantage of the subscription to that St Clement has provided for you?  Well, you REALLY should.  I finished this program on the historical and New Testament origins of the Eucharist last night.  It was fascinating.  I went into the program thinking I had a pretty good handle on the topic.  Well, Dr Pitre showed me otherwise.  Even if you think you’ve got it all covered, I bet you’ll find this 10 part program enlightening.

The description of the series:

“”The Lamb of God,” “The Bread of Life,” “The Body and the Blood of Christ”… these are phrases we know from the Mass. But do we understand what they mean in the greater and deeper context of Scripture and Church teaching? Acclaimed author and teacher Dr. Brant Pitre rigorously digs down to the biblical roots of the Eucharist, through its foreshadowing in the miraculous events of the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Apostolic tea