Christmas Party 2021 Recap

Another fantastic Ladies Appreciation Party. After taking a year off last year, we are back at it. The food was great, the company was – of course – fantastic. Aside from honoring our wives, we also recognize people who’ve contributed to the cause. This year we singled out some outstanding contributors.

Knight of the year  Dan O’Brian 
Family of the year  Alan And Christine 
Lady of the Year Andrea Betka

Thanks to everyone that helped organize for this yearly event.

The 2022 Christmas Party

It’s that time of year, we’re having our annual Ladies Appreciation Night event. Without the goodwill and support of our wives, this Council (or really any Council) couldn’t be successful. December 10th, 6 pm, Capital Banquet on 31 Mile Road. We usually all attend the 5pm Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at St Clement and then head over.

We are asking for a $30 per person donation this year to offset the cost of this event. Click HERE and buy your tickets before the event. We’d very much like to NOT collect money at the door the night of the event.

If you’d like to attend but don’t have the money, we get it, it’s been a challenging year for many of us. Call Mark and he’ll work it out – confidentially – with you.

Hope to see you there!

Breakfast with Santa

It was another record-breaking year.  Santa and his elves took up residence in the social hall most of the day today.   And, as you’ll soon see, it wasn’t only the kids that wanted in on the action.   

Thank you to everyone that showed up to help, thanks to the kids and parents.    If you’d like to use these photos, please do.   Merry Christmas. 

Ladies Appreication Night 2018

We call it that because, without a little (or a lot) of support from home, we’d not be able to do all the things we do.   Before dinner, Joe Suminski our Grand Knight and evening’s Master of Ceremony started by turning things over to Gary Kopp.  Gary is the District Deputy.  He collects money in an oversized baby bottle at every meeting he attends.  Periodically, he dispurses those funds to worthy causes.  Since we all love Sister Val, last night was her turn to recieve the monies to further her ood works. 

The December Knight of the Month is Dan O’Brien.  He is at every single event we have and more than likely is being pressed into service making coffee

The December Family of the Month is lovely Sandy and Mark DiPaola. Mark is the Deputy Grand Knight and is fully involved in every aspect of our mission. 

The Family of the Year are the McKinnon’s.  Mike has been our Recorder for many years.  Matt has been Financial Secretary and a Trustee.  With MaryAnn, they are very involved with all our events and activities.  They coordinate and give the prayer books and cards to the families requesting a Rosary.  They also present all wedded couples at St Clement a very nice bible as part of the wedding Mass.   They really are the most awesome people!  

The Lady of Year goes to Jean Illner.  Jean is very active in the Parish and her and Karrie are our Domestic Church Couple.  Together, they lead the Parish and Family Life Ministry for the Parish.  They had the good sense to leave for Florida before it got cold.  So, I’ll just hand your major award in my office till you get back!  🙂 

And the Knight of the Year go to Norm Rumph.  Norm has held many officer positions over the years and was a charter member of 7018.  He’s been a Knight for 65 years.  Despite being almost 90, Norm is at Mass every week and helps out at everything.  When Joe announced he was Knight of the Year, the room exploded in applause and cheering.  Later in the evening, the leader of the band said, “I can tell there’s a lot of love for Norm based on the reaction he got.”  He’s not wrong.  Congratulations Norm! 

With all that out of the way, we spent the rest of the evening having a wonderful time.  

Kiosk Reload

I stopped by the church this morning and reloaded our Kiosk.  If you’ve not had an opportunity to stop by and check out our complimentary booklet series, please do.  There will be ALOT of folks at church over the next couple days.  Encourage them to have a look and take a book that appeals to them.  A little Christmas gift from the Knights of Columbus to you.

2017 00 iPhone Brian 2319


Since 1948 CIS has been the major evangelical arm of the Knights of Columbus. Through multiple booklet series and various media formats, CIS makes our Catholic faith accessible and provides continuing tools for catechesis and spiritual formation. Knights of Columbus councils should use the complete library of CIS materials in their membership formation as well as promote them for parish continuing education, youth catechesis and spiritual study groups.

The Building the Domestic church series builds on this tradition and presents some of the most popular CIS resources aimed at helping us to live out the Church’s mission and vision for our families. Series topics include parenting, fatherhood and family prayer life, as well as two of St. John Paul II’s famous messages for the family – Letter to Families and The Family in the Modern World.



The Last Hurrah!

Last Meeting of 2017 on Thursday

Just a reminder, we’re having the last meeting of the year tomorrow night Dec 21st at 7 pm at St Clement.  Please join us for the Rosary at 6:30 pm in the day chapel.  This should be a quick meeting and, as I understand it, Tony Rogers is getting us food.  So, you don’t wanna miss the last hurrah of the year.

Image result for merry christmas images



Last night was the hit of the season.  I have to say, this is the best Christmas Party I’ve been to in quite some time.  They say good company, good food, and great music makes the difference.  That certainly proved to be the case last night.

A special thanks go out to our Grand Knight Joe Suminski and his lovely wife Sue.  Tremendous planning and thought went into making last night the special time it was.  Along with Ron and Judy Stec, they were the advance team to get the place decorated and set up.

Joe MC’ed the event handing out several awards.

Knight of the Month, Deacon Kurt Godfryd.  Deacon Kurt is a tremendous asset to our community and is present at many celebrations, Masses, Baptisms and special events.  He’s very generous with his time and faith.

The Family of the Month, Mark and Sandy DiPaola.  Mark and Sandy are present and help with so many of our programs.  It’s rare to not have them there to help out.

Since this is a dual purpose event, Christmas Party AND Ladies Appreciation Night, Joe named Pat Bianchi as our 2017 Lady of the Year.  And, since Pat and her hubby Bernie are seldom seen alone, Pat and Bernie are also our 2017 Family of The Year.  Pat and Bernie are involved in many ministries at St Clement, from the food pantry to McRest and still finding time to help the Knights.


This year’s Knight of the Year is none other than Steve Betka.  Steve has been a leader in our Council for many years.  He’s held several officer positions; Advocate, Deputy Grand Knight, Grand Knight and now Chancellor.  He the ringmaster for the Polish Dinner and leads our many parking lot efforts.  He’s literally the chief cook and bottle washer.  Thank you, Steve, for all your continued generosity.

Joe and Ron Stec honored our fallen brothers this year.  We lost both Ace Cudillo and Ed Walla.  Our tradition is to add a Christmas bulb on our tree.

On a lighter note, everyone was thrilled Lester has regained his mojo!  Welcome back, Lester!

1982 Called!  They are looking for their Boone’s Farm back!  (In fairness, I kinda loaded them up with wine for this picture!)

You can see all the pictures here by clicking on the image below.

On a side note, a few of us hardcore fans are off to see Star Wars, The Last Jedi on Thursday in Romeo at 7 pm.  It’s not on the “office” council calendar but…  We’d love to have you join us.  If you’re interested, I suggest you BUY YOUR TICKETS WELL IN ADVANCE.  This is the biggest movie of the year!  I guess it’s time to get my Jar Jar Binks costume out of storage!

(click on the image above to go to the Romeo Theatre website.)

That’s almost all for this round.

And finally… what’s happening in this picture?  Lord knows.  Luckily, Mark was there to capture it.  Thanks, Mark.  I owe you!  🙂  I think Steve is openly scoffing at my legs!

Christmas Party Tonight!

It’s Game On!

It’s that time!  Tonight’s the night. It’s the Knights of Columbus Christmas Party and Ladies Appreciation Night. Many of us will be attending 5 pm Mass at St Clement before heading over.  Thanks to everyone that RSVP’ed.  I’ll see you all tonight at the Capital Banquet Center on 31 Mile Road.

Bring your dancing shoes, leave the lampshades at home.


Breakfast With Santa

Our annual Breakfast with the Big Man was a big hit.  Please have a look out on our website for more pictures and fun.

New baby!

Proud to announce our 5th grandson Declan Fetherman finally arrived on December 5 at 6:27 pm weighing 7.14 lbs and 20 in long. We are all very happy the little guy is here safe and sound. We’re feeling blessed this Christmas!  Thank you to everyone for asking about him in an email, text or on Facebook.

Tom’s Brother-In-Law

Brothers, please add Tom’s Brother in law to your prayers.  Below is an email to Joe and I a couple weeks ago.  Gaspare is still in critical care at U of M and is finally making progress after a long bout with pneumonia. The family is praying he makes it home soon.  Please remember them in your prayers.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Thomas Benoit
Date: Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Prayer request
To: Brian O’Curran, Joe Suminski

Hello, Worthies,

My wife’s brother Gaspare had a heart attack last evening around the time of our meeting and survived the event. He isn’t out of the woods as he will need a bypass in the coming days. For now, he is intensive care with a stent placed.

Please forward to the council for some much-needed prayers for Gaspare and the family.


Thomas Benoit
Macomb, MI

Congratulations to Ron Schuchard for being Knight of The Month for November.  (Sorry Ron, I’m a month late on posting this.)  Also, Steve and his wonderful Wife Andrea were Family of the Month for November.
This is a beautiful video set to the Lord’s Prayer.  Thank you, Larry Foltran for sharing.

Santa’s Left The Building

Well, the Big Red Jolly One graced us with his presence last Sunday.   All the kids had a great time and we served many breakfasts.  Lot’s of requests were offered.   Santa even entertained a few requests from the membership.  I got a note later saying there will be more lumps of coal this year than last year.  Tough luck Jim Parker!  🙂

Santa's Got A Brand New Bag

We need to have a caption contest.  What’s the thought bubble over Sandy’s head?

Sandy VOGUE!

Photo credit – Mark DiPaola

Holy Cross Children’s Services – Done

All, a big thank you to everyone helping us out this year with the HCCS Sweatshirt drive.  We put the call out on October 25th (to refresh your memory, click here.) Our illustrious District Deputy Gary Kopp gathered up our donations and, combining them with the other Councils in District 24, delivered 52 shirts and $420 in gift cards.  A stellar job. Thank you, everyone!

It’s amazing what happens when everyone contributes just a little.  Big things happen.

gary kopp 2017-12-02_12-48-14

(Photo credit, Gary Kopp)

Best Advent Ever

I’d strongly encourage you to participate in this program from Dynamic Catholic.  They have very high-quality materials that are focused on helping you become the best version of yourself.  Click the link below to explore and sign up.


RSVP for our 2018 Christmas Party

Let us know if you’re coming or not.


—->>>   RSVP CLICK HERE <<<—-

Let’s enjoy Christmas with good friends, great food, and holiday cheer and a 50/50 raffle.
Saturday, December 8th at 6:15 PM (after 5:00 PM Mass)
Capital Banquet Center, 12350 31 Mile Road, Washington, MI 48095

Enjoy dinner, dancing, open bar, and live music 7:30 till midnight.
This year we’ll have Paul & Oats playing for us.
Bring your dancing shoes!


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