2019 Parish Picnic Recap

Another great time was had by all. Dispute an overcast day, we had a great turn out. Many ministries of the parish came together and pulled off the event of the summer. We had bouncy houses, ice cream trucks, marvellous food and the Knights hosted the Hospitality Suite as usual. Thanks to all.

2019 Pasta Dinner

Another banner year for the lovers of Pasta. Thank you everyone, the workers, the diners and the fans. We had plenty of help this year and we also had lots of hungry customers.

A Short Film, The Glory of Pasta

Peach Festival 2019

It’s finally here.  The event of the year, Romeo’s Peach Festival weekend.  We have a lot going on this weekend and – as usual, we can use some help.  We host a pasta dinner this Friday.  There’s a link HERE. Please show up around 3 pm so we can get the place set up and ready for guests.  The sign-up site maxes out at 20 people, we can use more than that.  Just show up and help. Also, if you can bring a dessert that would be great.  As I understand it, peach pies are off the list as are cupcakes.  Drop them off anytime Friday morning in the Social Hall.  Joes looking for a couple of people to help out Thursday morning setting up the Social Hall and doing some cooking. If you can help, call Joe or just show up.

We also run the parking lot during Peachfest.  It takes 6 people minimum per shift to cover all the spots.  This is a big moneymaker for the Council.  Please consider doing a shift or two so the same 10 guys aren’t there all weekend.  There’s a link HERE.

Listen to these cool cats, they know the score….

Norm Rumph’s 90th

Whats a life well-lived? I do believe it’s having 200 friends and family show up for your birthday party. Norm Rumph was surrounded by friends and family yesterday to tell stories, share a memory and break bread. Maybe the best story was figuring out exactly when Norms birthday is and what – if any – his middle name could be. Regardless of his actual birthday, it’s amazing the cross-section of the community that showed up to pay tribute to a man that’s contributed so much. Happy Birthday, Norm. There was a rumor early on in the afternoon that Norm would be leading a “dollar dance” to raise funds for his 100th.

2019 Dioceasen Leadership Meeting

Last night, July 8th, the State Leadership held the second Detroit Diocesan meeting at St Isidore. It was very well attended. It was mostly business but there was a little fun too. Thanks to the Brothers at St Isidore for hosting us.

2019 Imlay City Fish Fry – The Aftermath

This was our best year ever. The best guess is that we had about 30 people that ventured north to Imlay City. The food was good, the beer was cold and the company, as usual, was excellent. I’d suggest coming along next year. It was a hoot. The good news? We’re getting to the end of Lent. The bad news? You missed a really good time.

No Man Left Behind!
Here’s to our Brothers at Council 4556

Knights of Columbus Council 4556 Our Lady Queen of Peace Imlay City Michigan @KofC #UnleashTheGospel @DetArchbishop@DetroitCatholic @CHSL1926#UTGChallenge

2019 State Chaplain’s Membership Tribute Banquet

A good time was had by all. This event is always well attended and the food was really very good.

Saturday, February 23, 2019
DeCarlo’s Banquet & Convention Center
6015 East 10 Mile Rd. Warren, Michigan 48091

Who in the world thought giving me the ladle was a good idea?

Because we were just not ready to call it a night, we had to stop by the Sandbagger and have just one more. Just one.

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