St. Clement 100th Anniversary Picnic

Another fabulous parish picnic. I’d say the turn-out was off the charts. I’ve been to a few of these and this one was VERY well attended.

And, of course, the picture series of the afternoon was the Jim Parker Man-Hug. They say, any lovin’s good lovin’, I’m not sure that 100% true.

Austin Catholic Academy 2002

Not only do we support this institution financially, we showed up to paint and help.  The scholarships mentioned in the article below continue.

Pictured are Lester Ottenwalder, Jim Smiszek, Steve Betka, Bob Burcar (deceased), Mike Tremblay, Mike Lynch, John Cassidy, Jr., Jim Szewczyk (deceased), Joe Suminski and Tony Nardozzi (deceased).


Austin Catholic Academy, Archdiocese of Detroit, St Clement of Rome, Romeo, MI


Agape Center 2002

Someone, not sure who, but someone has created several nice photo albums of some old programs.  Over the next couple weeks, I’ll scan them in and post them out here.  The first installment in the “Wayback Machine” is when we fixed up the Apage Center in 2002.

Pictured are Steve Betka, Tony Nardozzi, John Cassidy, Jr., Lester Ottenwalder, Mike Tremblay, John Whittaker and Jim Smiszek.




img037 - Copy_edited

Lester, Steve, Jim and Tony on a union break!

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