It will make all the difference…

The story goes as a young boy and his grandfather walking down the beach. A big storm had come in the day before and there were hundreds and hundreds of sand-dollars washed up and starting to die in the sun.

As they walked, the grandfather would stop from time to time, reach down, pick up a sand dollar and throw it into the ocean. Finally, the little boy asked, “Grandfather, why are you throwing them back in?” and his grandfather replied, “So that they will live.”

The little boy thought for a minute and said, “But grandfather, there are so many of them! What possible difference can it make?” And the grandfather, reaching down and tossing another one back into the ocean, said, “To that one, it will make all of the difference in the world.

Isn’t that how life is? We rarely see the ripples of the grace that come from our good works.  We hope, we have faith, we strive but, we don’t really know – do we?  We like to think we’re making a difference in the world, in the parish, in the community but, often it’s not immediately apparent. Tonight I’m happy to share a concrete example of our works saving a baby from the horrors of abortion.  

Our council, with 4 other councils and help from the K of C State Council, purchased an ultrasound machine for Compassion Pregnancy in Clinton Township.  It was very expensive.  We all continue to budget $1,000 per council per year to help with the maintenance and upgrades to that machine.  Our prayer was this machine would be a tool to dissuade parents from choosing abortion once they saw their baby in full 3-D colour.  I’m happy to report this evening that we helped save a life this week.  

Please see the email from Gary Kopp (our District Deputy) to the five Grand Knights of the participating Councils.  So, if anyone asks, please tell them you are a defender of the Holy Innocents and you have saved one life this week.  Meanwhile, the mindless slaughter continues in this country at Planned Parenthood. Every Saturday, it’s estimated 10,000 children are murdered.  Every Saturday, ten thousand children.  For those children (and their parents) keep praying your rosaries. For this one child, thank our generous God for a life to live.  To this one, it’ll make all the difference. 

Keep showing up, keep working Brothers. We are making the difference. 

With all best wishes, I am

Sincerely Yours in Christ

Brian M O’Curran
Financial Secretary
Knights of Columbus #7018
St. Clement of Rome, Romeo, MI

——– Original message ——–

From: Gary Kopp 

Date: 3/1/21 2:22 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: Eddie Sachs, Gary Bates, Mark DiPaola, Mark Kovasity

Cc: Tom Weisner, Cliff Wasmund, Walter Winkle

Subject: Compassion Pregnancy Center 

I just go off the phone with Sue Nellis, Director of Compassion Pregnancy Center.

I feel compelled to share her story:

A young couple came into the center, unsure of their pregnancy.  Using the UltraSound Machine we purchased for the center, the scan was performed.

Utilizing the 3D probe and the resolution of the machine, the scan showed a baby and heartbeat about 7 weeks old. 

The decision to not abort was made on the spot.

Brothers, take pride in the work that you do, and the lives that you save.  This is our Right to Life Program.

Please share this with your membership……

Vivat Jesus,

Gary E. Kopp
DD #124

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