2023 Dues

It’s that time of year, freezing cold and snowing, it must be time for Knights of Columbus dues.  Mail has been sent.  Please prioritize paying your 2023 dues.  Most of you will recall in previous years the “Take 5” program and the McGivney Chair voluntary donations.  The Father McGivney Chair of Life Ethics program was fully funded in 2016 and we are no longer asking for donations. The “Take 5” has been upgraded to “Take 10.”  This is a worthy program and benefits dozens of organizations statewide.

CLICK HERE to pay your 2023 Dues on-line.

Click below for a full description of the “Take 10” program.  link


Again this year, we are also asking – completely voluntarily – for a $6 donation for the Michigan Knights of Columbus Endowed Scholarship Fund at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.  More info and link here.


It’s very important to support the young men responding to God’s call to serve.  Through your generosity, it’s easier to say “yes.”  This program is very important for the future of our Church, please watch the video below.  The State Director and Archbishop share their insights on the importance of the support the Knights provide.

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