DAVL – Detroit Archdiocese Vocations League


To organize common fundraising activities for the Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies in the Detroit Archdiocese in support of Vocations.

Who we are

The Detroit Archdiocesan Vocations League or DAVL began in 1982. Membership is voluntary, there are no dues. Our common interest in supporting Vocations binds us together. Through our combined fundraiser events the DAVL has given back to the participating K of C Councils an average of $15,000 a year.

What we do

There are four major events held every year.

  • DAVL Dinner, held in the Spring
  • Raffle, held in late spring to early summer
  • Golf Outing, held in September
  • Memorial Mass and Breakfast, held in November

Councils who participate earn points for levels of participation and the money raised is given back to the Knights of Columbus Councils proportionately with the expectation to be used to support a seminarian or postulant through the RSVP program.

We need YOU!

The cost of an education can be quite high and our seminarians and postulants need our help. The RSVP program helps the seminarians and postulants directly with no restrictions on spending the money donated. Past seminarians have told us the money came in handy for: dental work, car repairs, clothing, daily expenses among other things.

By joining and becoming active in the DAVL you can help us grow both in membership and our fundraising efforts and as a result more seminarians and postulants can be helped.

Detroit Archdiocesan Vocations League
P O Box 380763 Clinton Twp, MI 48038

Meetings fourth Thursday of the month 7:30 at John F.Kennedy Council 5460 33320 Kelly Rd. Clinton Twp, MI 48035


davl@mikofc.org Chairman: Jeff Gapczynski

Vice Chairman: Robert Garstka Treasurer: Larry Pitruzello

We are a 501 C 3 non profit

New Exemplification

By now, you may have heard about the Knights changing their admission ceremony. We are pulling down a veil of secrecy surrounding our ceremonies. This is an effort to showcase our core principles and encourage Catholic men to become spiritual leaders in this family, parish and community.

“There is nothing we do that is secret or needs to be secret. We decided this is a way to let other parishioners know, family members know, what the Knights of Columbus is all about. And we think that’s a good thing.”

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Why have these changes been made?

The future of our Order depends upon growth. True growth can only be accomplished by providing an inviting entry path that is accessible to prospective members and their families. Efforts to create a combined ceremony focused on 1.) removing the barriers of secrecy and 2.) the commitment of time inhibiting many from joining. It also focuses on presenting the lessons of Charity, Unity and Fraternity in a clear and convincing manner. This new Exemplification is designed to be held in a parish with family and friends seated in the pews. All can now witness – firsthand – the organization their husbands, fathers and brothers are joining; its principles, values, and why they matter. The new Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity stays true to our traditions while addressing the needs of our times.

What Should People Wear?

This is not a casual event.

CANDIDATES: Please wear a suit and tie, but a collared dress shirt with dress pants is also appropriate.

PRESENTERS: The preferred attire is suit and tie with ceremonial baldric. At the very minimum shirt, blazer, and slacks with ceremonial baldric.

COUNCIL OFFICERS: The preferred attire is suit and tie with Medal of Office. Matching, branded Knights of Columbus Council shirts would also be appropriate.

More Info on K of C’s New Ceremonial

It’s the beginning of a new era for the Knights of Columbus: A modern single, public exemplification ceremony can now be used to welcome men to our ranks as full members of the Order. The new ceremony combines the three ceremonies used in the past.

This issue takes an in-depth look at the new exemplification ceremony: what it is, why it’s changed and how you can run one. 

New Ceremony: Rooted in past and tailored for present (Read more here)

 Eight steps for a successful new exemplification (Read more here)

The four items every council needs (Read more here)

 FAQs about the new K of C exemplification (Read more here)

Five questions with new director of ceremonials (Read more here)

Who’s who at the new K of C exemplification (Read more here)

A momentous day for the Knights of Columbus (Read more here)

2019 State Chaplain’s Membership Tribute Banquet

A good time was had by all. This event is always well attended and the food was really very good.

Saturday, February 23, 2019
DeCarlo’s Banquet & Convention Center
6015 East 10 Mile Rd. Warren, Michigan 48091

Who in the world thought giving me the ladle was a good idea?

Because we were just not ready to call it a night, we had to stop by the Sandbagger and have just one more. Just one.

Detroit Archdiocese, Knights of Columbus, Michigan State Council, State Chaplain, DeCarlo’s Banquet,

Austin Catholic Academy 2002

Not only do we support this institution financially, we showed up to paint and help.  The scholarships mentioned in the article below continue.

Pictured are Lester Ottenwalder, Jim Smiszek, Steve Betka, Bob Burcar (deceased), Mike Tremblay, Mike Lynch, John Cassidy, Jr., Jim Szewczyk (deceased), Joe Suminski and Tony Nardozzi (deceased).



Austin Catholic Academy, Archdiocese of Detroit, St Clement of Rome, Romeo, MI


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