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Tomorrow morning after all Masses, we will be hosting a Country Breakfast at St Clement.  Please stop by with your families and eat with us.  This is one of our most popular events.  If you’re going out for breakfast after Mass, come and give us a try.  All the money we make goes directly back to the Parish and the local community.  And… come on, it’s pancakes.  What’s better than pancakes?

Next Thursday is our February Membership meeting.  Thursday, February 15th.  We start off at 6:30 pm with a Rosary in the Day Chapel lead by Mike McKinnon.  The Membership meeting starts at 7 pm.  If you’ve not been to a meeting in a while, I’d recommend showing up for this one.  Everything we do, everything that’s planned or even dreamt of happens at these meetings.  Our illustrious Grand Knight Joe Suminski is busy sunning himself in Florida. DGK Greg will lead this meeting.  We’ll have food after the meeting.  Come on, dinner and a show, where else can you get an offer like this?  (The right answer?  Nowhere else!)

Other News

  • Gary Kopp is leading an effort to rehab Compassion Pregnancy Center.  More info and details are here. – LINK.  If you know how to swing a hammer, come on along and join the fun.
  • The Knights have a new On-Line membership program.  Full details here – LINK.
  • Our K-12 and college scholarships are now open and accepting applications.  Paper applications can be picked up at the parish office or you can download them here – LINK.
  • Annual dues are coming in well.  I’ve sent second notices to brothers that may have overlooked the first bill. If you’ve not paid for this year, please take a minute to send in your dues.  We are collecting for Take 10 and Michigan Knights of Columbus Endowed Scholarship Fund at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.  More info here – LINK.
  • Karrie Illner and Mike McKinnon lead our efforts to update our council by-laws.  We received the printed books from Supreme a couple weeks ago.  Please feel free to grab one.  They’re in the Knights room. More info here – LINK.
  • The February Knightline is available here – LINK.

That’s all the news that new.  Please come out for our breakfast tomorrow.  Please grace us with your presence on Thursday evening.

Thanks and God Bless

Brian and Mike

Ok, seriously, I just had to include this.  Sorry, Mike.  We’ll have a caption contest during “For The Good of the Order” portion of the meeting.  Who will be our big winner?

April 15 – tax day – is right around the corner.  It’s become popular this time of year to encourage the opening of an IRA or similar retirement annuity or the depositing of additional funds into an existing account, as a tax savings vehicle.  A secondary approach is to tout the rate of interest that money in one of these accounts can earn.  Let me join the chorus of folks encouraging you to open or add funds to an annuity, but for a different reason.

Certainly, contributing money to a Knights of Columbus annuity will allow you to save some money on your income tax return.  And our annuities do pay a very competitive interest rate, consistent with our primary goal of absolute safety of principal.  Opening or adding to an annuity for these reasons, however, strikes me as taking a short-term view of a product that is designed to provide long-term security.  How much security?  How does a retirement income that you cannot outlive – guaranteed – sound to you?

Here at the Knights of Columbus, you can open a retirement annuity for as little as $300.  Consistent and disciplined savings placed into that annuity over time can guarantee you an income at retirement that you cannot outlive.  That guarantee – along with the fact that no one has ever lost money left in a Knights of Columbus annuity (remember –absolute safety of principal), really will provide you with peace of mind.

I am happy to meet with you – at your convenience and in your home – to explain in detail the benefits of opening a Knights of Columbus annuity, along with the benefits of our top-rated life insurance and long term care insurance plans.

As you ponder all the things that may not work out as you proceed toward retirement, think about one thing you can do to help yourself – opening a Knights of Columbus annuity.  It’s reasonably priced ($300 to start), guaranteed, and controlled by someone you trust – you!

*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.
In Christ,

Don M. Wesley, FICF – Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Insurance – General Agent
2 Crocker Blvd., Suite 301, Mount Clemens MI 48043

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