The new Phonebook is here!


You know, sometimes it really is the little things that bring the most joy.  Our crack Advocate Karrie Illner noticed our By-Laws were woefully out of date.  By-Laws need to be reviewed and voted on every ten years.  Karrie got Mike McKinnon involved to update and edit our last published By-Laws.  Yesterday, a big box of printed By-Laws showed up at the house.  They look nice.

One of the first pages is a current list of officers.  I’ve been gathering up all the picture albums in various cabinets in our Knights room at St Clement.  I’ve been scanning and posting them out here.  I figure it’s part of the history and having it available online is better than a photo album no one sees in a locked cabinet.  The reason I mention it is because last night, I picked up the “next” album.  It was from 1977.

Going through all those old pictures and letters of congratulations, it occurred to me, many of the original guys are still around.   Some of the guys have gone home and others are MIA.  I wonder what the officer’s list will look like in 10 years?  I wonder if anyone will notice the By-Laws actually need to be updated.

Someone make a note for fall for 2027.   I’ll bring these to the Knights room.  Please pick up a copy and review.


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