Feb 2018, Knight and Family of the Month

Congratulations to the February Knight of the month; the illustrious Jim Burns.  Jim’s been several roles as an officer, PGK and Sir Knight of the 4th Degree.  I just love that guy!!  Jim, thank you for all your contributions to the Council and Parish.  Presenting the award this evening is our lovely and distinguished Deputy Grand Knight Greg Slubowski.


The family of the month is Joanne and Jim Parker. Jim has held several officer positions with our Council and is also a PGK.  He too is a Sir Knight of the 4th Degree.  His lovely wife Joanne sings in the choir.  Thanks to you both for all you do for the Knights and the Parish.


Our Grand Knight is AWOL.  The last known picture of him was Joe and Paul heading into Tijuana.    I think it’s Tijuana.  I hope Sue has him chipped so we can get him back.  This feels shady!  Joe, don’t worry, we’re holding down the fort.




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