Norm Rumph’s 90th

Whats a life well-lived? I do believe it’s having 200 friends and family show up for your birthday party. Norm Rumph was surrounded by friends and family yesterday to tell stories, share a memory and break bread. Maybe the best story was figuring out exactly when Norms birthday is and what – if any – his middle name could be. Regardless of his actual birthday, it’s amazing the cross-section of the community that showed up to pay tribute to a man that’s contributed so much. Happy Birthday, Norm. There was a rumor early on in the afternoon that Norm would be leading a “dollar dance” to raise funds for his 100th.

One thought on “Norm Rumph’s 90th”

  1. Happy Birthday, Norm!! So glad to see you were honored for the very fine person you are. GOD bless you. I hope I get an invite to your Centennial celebration!! Much love & happiness, Muriel

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