Last night was the hit of the season.  I have to say, this is the best Christmas Party I’ve been to in quite some time.  They say good company, good food, and great music makes the difference.  That certainly proved to be the case last night.

A special thanks go out to our Grand Knight Joe Suminski and his lovely wife Sue.  Tremendous planning and thought went into making last night the special time it was.  Along with Ron and Judy Stec, they were the advance team to get the place decorated and set up.

Joe MC’ed the event handing out several awards.

Knight of the Month, Deacon Kurt Godfryd.  Deacon Kurt is a tremendous asset to our community and is present at many celebrations, Masses, Baptisms and special events.  He’s very generous with his time and faith.

The Family of the Month, Mark and Sandy DiPaola.  Mark and Sandy are present and help with so many of our programs.  It’s rare to not have them there to help out.

Since this is a dual purpose event, Christmas Party AND Ladies Appreciation Night, Joe named Pat Bianchi as our 2017 Lady of the Year.  And, since Pat and her hubby Bernie are seldom seen alone, Pat and Bernie are also our 2017 Family of The Year.  Pat and Bernie are involved in many ministries at St Clement, from the food pantry to McRest and still finding time to help the Knights.


This year’s Knight of the Year is none other than Steve Betka.  Steve has been a leader in our Council for many years.  He’s held several officer positions; Advocate, Deputy Grand Knight, Grand Knight and now Chancellor.  He the ringmaster for the Polish Dinner and leads our many parking lot efforts.  He’s literally the chief cook and bottle washer.  Thank you, Steve, for all your continued generosity.

Joe and Ron Stec honored our fallen brothers this year.  We lost both Ace Cudillo and Ed Walla.  Our tradition is to add a Christmas bulb on our tree.

On a lighter note, everyone was thrilled Lester has regained his mojo!  Welcome back, Lester!

1982 Called!  They are looking for their Boone’s Farm back!  (In fairness, I kinda loaded them up with wine for this picture!)

You can see all the pictures here by clicking on the image below.

On a side note, a few of us hardcore fans are off to see Star Wars, The Last Jedi on Thursday in Romeo at 7 pm.  It’s not on the “office” council calendar but…  We’d love to have you join us.  If you’re interested, I suggest you BUY YOUR TICKETS WELL IN ADVANCE.  This is the biggest movie of the year!  I guess it’s time to get my Jar Jar Binks costume out of storage!

(click on the image above to go to the Romeo Theatre website.)

That’s almost all for this round.

And finally… what’s happening in this picture?  Lord knows.  Luckily, Mark was there to capture it.  Thanks, Mark.  I owe you!  🙂  I think Steve is openly scoffing at my legs!

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