Updates From K of C @ St Clement

Happy Thanksgiving…

Good evening Friend, I hope you’re with family and friends today. Today’s a time to pause and reflect on all the blessings and people in our world. It’s my wish that you’re cup is full of all the best today. This community has certainly been a blessing to me. It’s interesting that the more you put into a group like this, the more you get out. Crazy right?

I’m on my way to Florida right now. I’m sitting at the Red Wings bar in the North Terminal. With luck and a few prayers, my daughter will give birth to a healthy little baby boy. I’ll post pictures in a few.

Santa will be showing up for breakfast (after all Masses) Sunday, Dec 3. We are providing free breakfast to all. We could certainly use a hand. As I understand it, Santa will not be bringing his elves so, it’s kinda up to us. He said having the elves work is some sort of union violation. Come out and help, you definitely want to avoid that lump of coal again this year! Am I right?

Social Night was a success. We had a good turn out and everyone had a good time. Watch the bulletin for the next opportunity to get together.

Speaking of an opportunity to get together, our Christmas party is December 9th at Capital Banquet. Joe had the wisdom to hire a GREAT BAND. Wayward Wind has been a staple in the Romeo area for many years. if you’ve had the opportunity to attend a performance, you know exactly what I’m talking about. They will absolutely take what is normally a good time, to the next level. I hope everyone can make it. It’s the K of C highlight of the year. PLEASE RSVP —> click here! <— PLEASE respond by Dec 1st so we can dial-in the food and beverages. And, by popular demand, NO Raffle this year. We’ll do the normal 50/50 but we’ll focus on spending time together versus a protracted raffle.

You’re welcome!

Christmas Card Sales kick off this weekend. Please see Jim in the Narthex. Our weekends to sell have been reduced so we have to make the most of the next couple weeks. If you need cards or any of the holiday things Jim lines up, please stop by.

Tilson Street Parking Lot – thanks to everyone that showed up and helped us run the Tilson Street parking lot. We had a good turn out and lots of people parking with us this year. This event adds a substantial amount of money to further the good works of the Council.

Memorial Mass – we had our annual Memorial Mass a couple Friday’s ago. We had roughly double the turn out from last year. Jim Burns did an excellent job organizing this event. Fr Doc was our celebrant. He always does such a great job.


Finally, I had an absolutely unbelievable adventure at the Father Solanus Casey Beatification Mass over the weekend. I’ll tell you that story later. Till then!

Have blessed Thanksgiving!

Brian O’Curran and Mike McKinnon