Holy Cross Coat Drive 2018

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You may know it as the Holy Cross Coat Drive but, it’s much bigger than that.  Council 7018 will once again be collecting the items mentioned below for Holy Cross Services.   If you can help out with any of the items below, please do.  We will collect them and our District Deputy, the Illustrious Gary Kopp will take them to the Michigan State Winter Meeting.   Gary will pick the items us at our regular membership meeting on November 16th.

Info on the items, how to pack and wrap follows:

  • The best sweatshirts are those with a sports team or college logo. Buy them in Large, XL, XXL, XXXL, and even XXXXL. These are all adult-sizes. Hoodies are very popular, as are fleece sweatshirts. Embroidered sweatshirts and hoodies cost more, but that’s okay! Just buy fewer, better quality sweatshirts. Please keep in mind this may be the only Christmas gift they receive this year. Package the sweatshirts in decorated gift boxes (or wrap plain boxes) and write the size on the outside. If the sweatshirt is only for a girl or only for a boy, write that on the box also. Place all gift boxes of like sizes in a heavy packing box and mark the outside of the box. That way we will know what is inside the box, and it can go directly onto the semi-truck, thus saving anyone from sorting again.
  • One way to help HCS with young adults and children is to purchase gift cards in the amounts of $5.00 or $10.00 from Target, Walmart, or Meijer. The cards MUST be from one of these three stores. These stores were chosen by HCS because they are located state-wide, thus allowing councils from all over the state to be involved. Cash and checks are also welcome. These gifts will help HCS in caring for young pregnant girls and girls with babies and toddlers in order to assist them on life’s journey. HCS does not receive federal or state assistance for the purchase of baby items such as diapers, bottles, formula, socks, toys, bibs, etc. Gift cards, cash, and checks should all be brought to the collection room at the Winter Meeting where they will be received, totaled, and presented to HCS.
  • Scarves, mittens, hats, & gloves, can be handmade or store-bought. They continue to be popular with teenagers and with the mothers with small children. Bring them to the Winter Meeting either loose or in the manufacturer’s plastic bag. Please do not box these items.
  • Bath baskets filled with personal hygiene items gives the girls at Holy Cross their very own personal items and a way to take these items with them to their showers. Please follow these directions:
  • Purchase items at a local dollar store.
  • If you wish, coordinate products by color or scent.
  • Return the filled basket(s) to the Winter Meeting.
  • Please choose ONLY one of each item per basket from the list below. Please: NO SCISSORS, HAIRSPRAY, NAIL CLIPPERS, BRUSHES, PENCILS, SHARP OBJECTS, AEROSOL CANS (pump sprays are OK). All baskets must be similar in order to avoid rivalry!!! The total cost should be no more than $10.00. 1. Shampoo 6. Hair gel or mousse 2. Conditioner 7. Body lotion or hand lotion 3. Body wash, scrub or gel 8. Deodorant 4. Toothpaste & Brush 9. Bath puff/Loofa 5. Chap stick 10. Emery boards Fill the basket and place it in a plastic bag. If you have several baskets, place them in a sturdy box ready to go on the truck headed for Holy Cross Services.
  • Sheets for our kids was a need that was made known by Holy Cross, and our Knight’s Ladies have collected 300 sets of twin bed sheets. A warm set of sheets for someone in an unfamiliar place. Just bring your sheet sets to the Winter Meeting ready to go directly on the truck bound for Holy Cross.

Any questions please contact Mrs. Chris Brennan at 313-388-3238 or chrisbee at wowway dot com.