Mustard Seeds

Hi Friends (yeah, I co-opted that from Bishop Barron.)

Today is Giving Tuesday.  As many of you know, I’m a huge Word On Fire fan.  I think this is some of the finest Catholic content around.  This video is 14 minutes long and is well worth your time to review.  It’s easy to find yourself in these three people.  They’ve all had life-changing experiences using the Word of Fire material.

wof test

It starts out small and builds.  After following along for a year or so, I’m looking forward to Bishop Barron’s weekly podcasts.  He does two each week.  One is a free-ranging show based on what’s going on in the Church or the headlines.  The other podcast is his weekly homily.  I challenge you, listen to the homily podcast and then attend Mass.  It will absolutely change your experience.  If it doesn’t, I’ll happily refund your 60-minute investment.

Homilies podcast – LINK.
Word on Fire Show – LINK

If you’ve not experienced Word on Fire, please check them out.  If you’ve been buying their materials, please continue.  If his ministry has changed your life – consider donating to their good works.  I can say very definitively, this guy has changed my life.  Follow him, listen to what he says.  Support his ministry.

Click the image below and review all the goodness they’ve produced for us this year and make a donation.  May your faith, like a mustard seed, grow into a mighty plant.


Images are from the Word on Fire website and are the property of Word on Fire Ministries.  © Word on Fire 2018. All Rights Reserved

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