God’s Plan at Work

Being a charitable organization, the Knights get many requests for assistance.  Those requests run the gamut from lite yard work to helping a family get re-established.  We got word about Katlyn from the Grand Knight of another council; he tagged me in a Facebook post.  Of course, we’d absolutely want to help Katlyn and Giovanni.  I was gearing up the communication machine to reach out to the membership.  We’ve done things like his before and it’s amazing the stuff people are willing to part with to help a young family.


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Before I got everyone all excited, I thought I better check in with Susan at Abigayle Ministries.  There’s no sense collecting multiple of the same item.  I wanted to get a feel for what had been done and what was outstanding on the list of items.  This is where God steps in.

Insert Miracle

This is the email I got back from Susan.  Praise God.

———-  Begin Forwarded message ———
From: Susan Meyer
Date: Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 5:45 PM
Subject: RE: Katlyn and Giovanni
To: Brian O’Curran
Cc: Russell Morgan, Joe Suminski, Gary Kopp, Tom Weisner

Hello Brian!

How awesome that you would reach out to help Katlyn and Gio! I must share with you are GOD SIZED miracleHumble Design.. an organization called and asked if we had a client who was preparing to leave. We told them about Katlyln and they offered to come in a design her home according to her tastes, colors, themes etc in furniture, drapes etc…  They will go to their warehouse of gently used items and create a home environment with everything needed for the house…furniture, drapes, art, cooking dishes, plates, cups, silverware, towels..EVERYTHING! They will do this in 3 days and have a big reveal on the 3rd day! All for free…it is absolutely an incredible miracle…she will walk into a home completely decorated and ready to live in..everything but food on the shelves and closets.

On top of that, they are going to film this experience and it will be on TV on the CW network. It is an incredible God moment in every way. Katlyn has no family.. just one friend who made the house possible …and us…no one else and God is doing this amazing thing for her showing her she is HIS! So love our God. Thank you so much for your desire to help…but God just stepped in and said He is taking care of it.

God bless you…you are amazing men of God and we are so blessed by your tenders hearts towards our moms and babies! Thank you for reaching out!


———- End Forwarded message ———

People say, “where is God?”  He’s working every day through good people like Susan at Abigayle Ministries and the awesome folks at Humble Design in Detroit.

For more information on the good works these organizations provide to our community, please click on the images below.

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