Deckchairs… Titanic

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, or so the saying goes.  In the spirit of spring cleaning, Father Steve arranged to have all the carpets cleaned and floors steamed.  An absolutely great idea.  I suppose it needs to be done.   Anyone wanna venture a guess how many chairs had to be moved?  Wait, before you answer, let’s just run down where the chairs are:

  • The Day Chapel
  • The Altar
  • The Overflow and Cry Rooms
  • The Sanctuary
  • All the changing rooms
  • The Knights room
  • The Narthax
  • The Social Hall and … AND…
  • The Religious Education Area

Ok, now guess!

The reality is, only God himself knows.  The only data point we have for sure is it took 8 to 10 people seven hours over three days to move it all back and forth.  Here’s the crew.

2018-04-27 19.09.04
The Cleaning Crew

Pictured are Camron and JessicaPytleski, Paul and Kathy Weirbicki, Dan O’Brien, Susan and Joe Suminski, Pat and Bernie Bianchi and Henry Hainer.  Not sure why Henry’s not smiling.  I think his back is starting to hurt.  Or, maybe someone promised him pizza?!? Not sure.

Not pictured is Phil Garnecki.

It was a big job.  Thanks to everyone that pitched in.

Love this guy.  Bernie’s the BEST!

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