Easter Afternoon Retreat


We know all of you are really busy. We also know many of you have talked about finding a way to grow deeper in your faith and have a more meaningful prayer life. We think we may have just the thing.

Father Art Baranowski will be leading an Easter afternoon of prayer, reflection and discussion to help you find a way to draw closer to Jesus. He will show you a couple of spiritual exercises or “tools” you can use to help you find answers to questions like,

  • “What do I really want for my life?”
  • “What does God really think about me?”
  • “Does God have a plan for me personally and, if God does have a plan, how can I know?”
  • “Where can I find more peace and contentment in this crazy world I live in?”

Please come and spend just 2 hours to help you grow and deepen your faith in the Jesus who loves you. You are also encouraged to share this with your friends. They don’t need to be Catholic to attend; they just need to have a desire to grow in their faith and strengthen their prayer life.

Because we share differently, men and women will meet separately:

Women will meet on Saturday, April 7 at 2 p.m. in the Day Chapel
Men will meet on Sunday, April 8 at 2 p.m. in the Social Hall

Father Art Baranowski

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