MI Drive Sunday

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The weather was not kind – again – today.  In the now infamous words of Mark DiPaola, “this is not a beauty contest!” Boots, hats, longjohns and gloves were a must.  With proper preparation, we had a very good event.  There was some confusion with the Santa Hat but — people seemed mostly ok wishing me “Merry Christmas” back.

Lot’s of guys (and families) showed to help.  I think we had all our spots filled all weekend.  That allowed us to collect a good deal money.  I’ll report-out when the final count is done.  Thanks to everyone braving the elements, or counting money, or making coffee and hotdogs.  All the help in all the places is what it takes to make a multi-day event with dozens of people run smooth.

A special Thanks to Mark DiPaola.  He was this years’ 2018 MI Drive Chairperson.  He put in a tremendous amount of energy to make this weekend so smooth.   Without his leadership, this event and the cause it supports would suffer greatly.  Thanks, Mark!

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