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Good morning Brian

It’s hard to believe it’s Palm Sunday already.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% ready for this winter to be over.  As I know you know, Palm Sunday is our annual MI Drive effort.  This campaign, often referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive” is really a “Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities” The nickname is due to the nature of the fundraiser, in which Knights distribute candy bars, very often specially marked Tootsie Rolls in exchange for donations used to support programs geared to improve the Quality of Life for people with Disabilities, in particular, Special Olympics. So please, if you happen to see our Men & Women Members and Volunteers out on Columbus Day Weekend please find it in your hearts to donate.

mark and henry

And that brings me to YOUR part!  We’re looking for a few guys to take 2 hours shifts during the weekend.  If you can help us out and sign up, that would be very wonderful,  The good news is, we’re no longer on the roadways.  We parked Dick Waligore at 31and Van Dyke for years and amazingly he survived!  If Mr. Waligore can dodge traffic all those years, you’ll be able to make a tremendous impact at a nice safe retail environment.  Please have a look at the spots available – CLICK HERE.  You don’t have to be a Knight to help. Your older kids, wife, neighbours, etc.  The more people we have help, the more money we can donate.

Mark is looking for some empty (clean) window washing fluid jugs so he can upgrade our collection buckets.  If you’ve got one and could bring it by the Knights room, that would be grand.


Other News

  • Father asked us to help demo the sacristy behind the altar.  Read more here LINK.
  • Gary Kopp lead an effort to rehab Compassion Pregnancy Center.  Several guys showed up the first weekend and then throughout the following week.  A lot of progress has been made.  When I get some before and after pictures, I’ll post them.
  • The Knights have a new On-Line membership program.  Full details here – LINK.
  • The March Knightline is available here – LINK.
  • Have you looked at our new website? Have you seen the new calendar?  CLICK HERE

That’s all the news that new.

Sign up for the MI Drive – please!  CLICK HERE

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