Why Are We Bothering?

Many of the “good” we do goes unnoticed. And, that’s alright. We strive to make a difference in the world. Maybe not the world at large but certainly our little world; our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Even then, the moments of recognition or satisfaction are fleeting if ever manifested at all.

This is the saga of the pro-life movement. Our council is certainly directly involved and supports the many efforts dedicated to ending the wholesale slaughter of our children. Ron and Judy Stec have been on the frontlines of the movement for as long as I’ve known them. They’re out talking to people, handing out information, praying with (and for) people as they struggle in the real world with the complications that bearing children always brings.

Judy shared a wonderful encounter she had and the life changing effect of being present for another person. This story unfolded at the Armada Fair last year.

Ron and I were standing behind the tables we had set up at the Armada Fair. We were getting signatures for the petition drive to “End Dismemberment Abortion.” A lady came up. We talked a little and she signed it.  With her, she had a little girl and a little boy in a stroller with her. They started to walk away. 

She turned back to me, leaned forward real close and whispered in my ear… “I have to tell you that it is because of you and the man that is with you that my son sleeping in the stroller here is with me today. I came to the fair for last three years looking for you to tell you this. ‘I was going to have an abortion and because of you and this booth, on that day I decided to have my baby, and here he is.’”

 Her beautiful little boy was asleep.  They’d been at the fair whole day.  I told her she made me happy and very grateful she shared this with me.  I asked her if I could take his picture.  She said “of course”.  She then hugged me and kissed the cheek. I told her, “we always say it would be worth it if we can save only one life”.  

She told me we did! “And here he is,” as she pointed to her son!

Keep going. What you do matters. Thank you Ron and Judy for being such fine examples of God love in the world.

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